Bedrock Records is the standard against which all other progressive house labels are measured. The illustrious label celebrated its 100th release last month by unleashing “Meridian,” a collaboration between two of its brightest stars, Henry Saiz and Guy J, along with Saiz’s own “La Marea” on the B side.

Bedrock boss John Digweed has drafted Swedish progressive house phenomenon Eric Prydz, under his Pryda moniker, as well as Spain’s rising talent Marc Dosem for remixing duties.

Predictably, Pryda elevates “Meridian” and turns it into a thunderous, festival-closing bomb as melodic elements are amplified and drenched in reverb. While the overall effect of the piece is heightened, Pryda’s remix is essentially an edit. The rework will rock stadiums to be sure, but it’s a bit linear. More complexity could’ve taken it even higher.

On the B side, Dosem pushes Henry Saiz’s atmospheric, funk-fueled “La Marea” to dizzying new heights. While the original is understated and self-assured, Dosem injects some “Hey Boy, Hey Girl” tension and transforms “La Marea” into a booming peaktime gem. By giving the track a menacing trancey edge, he has managed to top his storming remix of Tom Glass’s “Naïve” for Hope Recordings from earlier this year.

Thirteen years on, the Bedrock juggernaut shows no sign of slowing down. Here’s to another 100.

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