If you want know what makes progressive house so wonderful all you need to do is put on a track by Eric Prydz and let the music take over. Over the years Prydz has continued to be a leading trendsetter in the industry by producing melodic and uplifting tracks that are sure to be main stage ballads. With his iconic label, Pryda Recordings, being the primary outlet for his original material, Prydz has continuously shared quality music with each release. It’s no wonder why he has become one of the more sought after artists to witness at the decks. Following his completely sold out North American “Generate” club tour that saw Prydz perform extended sets at intimate venues, we were graced with the original track that the tour was named after, which follows suit with all things Pryda. It’s a track that has been a staple in his sets for months and has fans clamoring for it’s release. Angelic synths are paired with an addictively simple yet layered bass line to reveal a progressive dance number which has all the makings of another timeless release. You can purchase the track at Beatport ahead of the official June 8 release.

Now, we have been presented with the track's music video. Eric Prydz teamed up with GMUNK, who lent his directorial skills to both 'Tron' and 'Oblivion.' The music video was created with the use of an LED cube full of lights and mirrors, allowing them to create the beautiful visuals seen in the music video. Surprisingly, the video was made without the use of any CGI effects. Check out the stunning music video above, and watch a behind-the-scenes video of the music video's creation below.

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