The energy on the dance floor is bubbling up, slowly building to a boil. This is the ideal moment to drop “Stamp!” Its the title track of the latest offering by Hypercolour Records’ label manager, Alex Jones. The track’s growling low end has a bit of a chip on its shoulder. The bassline serves as a rudder which gives the various vocal snippets direction and purpose.

Dan Berkson’s melodic deep house palette serves as a compelling counterpoint as his remix breathes new life into the percussive grooves and trippy fx of the original. His rich keyboard flourishes add a genuine musicianship to the piece. “Stamp!” is Berkson’s second remix for the label as he utilized his moogy, deep sound to rework Jones’ 2008 track, “Bed.”

The B side “Shoe of the Day” wouldn’t have sounded out of place on Lee Burridge’s brilliantly irreverent, spunky Nubreed compilation from 2001. The track utilizes thoroughly twisted, druggy vocal snippets, techy/tribal percussion, and a thumping, big room groove. Surprisingly, the piece culminates in a spastic, cut-and-paste drum ‘solo.’ Oddly cool.

The EP’s closing track, “With the Hats On” possesses the same hazy weirdness of Damian Lazarus’ Robot Heart Bus set at Burning Man from earlier this year. The dragging hats, the rumble strip bassline, the dial tone stabs, and the cooing vocals combine to make “With the Hats On” the standout track of this release.

Following tech house pixie Maya Jane Coles’ Don’t Put Me in Your Box EP, Hypercolour is quickly picking up steam with Alex Jones in the driver’s seat. 2012 could see the label further distinguish itself if it continues to deliver quality, varied releases like the Stamp! EP.

Alex Jones’ Stamp! EP is out now on Hypercolour Records.

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