Maya Jane Coles has made her living by creating moody house productions that supply a deep house sound that is unmistakably her own. In March, she unveiled her newest music from her side-project, Nocturnal Sunshine, which shows another side of her production expertise. The first of the new original music we heard from this project was “Take Me There" — a dubby, bass-driven tune that hinted at what great sounds would await fans upon the release of her debut LP under the Nocturnal Sunshine moniker.

Now, fans have gotten another taste of what to expect from the album with the new track "Believe." This single from the album supplies a much different sound than the previous "Take Me There." A slow, soothing melody combines with mellow percussion and the track's haunting vocals by Chelou, and brings a minimal electronic presence except for the key progressions in the chorus. While we anticipated Coles' experimentation with various BPMs with these new productions, this flips our expectations on its head, providing what sounds more indie-oriented than electronic. Regardless, the track is as enjoyable as any previous creations from Maya Jane Coles, showing why she's hailed as one of the most talented names in the scene.

The self-titled Nocturnal Sunshine LP will be released on Maya Jane Coles' own label I/AM/ME on May 26. Both "Take Me There" and "Believe" featuring Chelou are both available for download now on iTunes. Stay tuned for more music to come from the Nocturnal Sunshine LP prior to the official release date.

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