A true veteran in the dance music community, Maya Jane Coles has captivated listeners with her mysterious and moody productions that take house music deeper than you thought possible. Now she is gearing up to share some new music under her alias Nocturnal Sunshine that will take her sound into the realm of dubby bass driven dance music. Since the distinct nature of her music has always had a focus on bass driven rhythms, her new project allows her to explore a variety of BPM’s while still being recognizable as a Maya Jane Coles production that lets her expert studio ability shine.

The first single "Take Me There" possesses elements that Maya has always displayed in her music for much of her career. A focus on spacey components and a foundation of bass driven melodies is something that she has built her reputation around. The main difference that can be heard in her Nocturnal Sunshine productions is the enhanced tempo, which is formed by the intricate percussion cadence. Nocturnal Sunshine is something more of a cohesive artistic project than simply a record. It seems only too appropriate that the completely self-produced album be released on Maya’s own label, I/AM/ME. Listeners can hear an example of how her Nocturnal Sunshine project will sound with "Take Me There," revealing just a taste of what we can expect from her self-titled debut, due out on May 26.

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