Maya Jane Coles has made her living by creating moody house productions that supply a deep house sound that is unmistakably her own. In March, she unveiled her newest music from her side-project, Nocturnal Sunshine, which shows another side of her production expertise. The first of the new original music we heard from this project was “Take Me There” — a dubby, bass-driven tune that hinted at what great sounds would await fans upon the release of her debut LP under the Nocturnal Sunshine moniker. After unveiling "Believe," the slow, soothing melody combined with mellow percussion and the track’s haunting vocals by Chelou, it was clear that the LP would be something truly special. Now, the full self-titled album has arrived, which available for download now on iTunes via Maya Jane Coles’ own label I/AM/ME.

Track list:
01. Intro (Holding On)
02. Believe feat. Chelou
03. It's Alright
04. Take Me There
05. Drive
06. Footsteps
07. Down By The River feat. Catnapp
08. Bass Bin
09. Can't Hide The Way I Feel
10. Intergalactic
11. Skipper
12. Hotel

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