Dance music is becoming increasingly more popular with each passing day. Whether the music is heard on the radio, or shared through social media, EDM is becoming a larger than life entity in the US. With events like Electric Daisy Carnival and Life in Color, and tracks like Avicii’s “Wake Me Up,” dance music has become more accessible than ever. Even artists like Lady Gaga, Britney Spears and Kanye West have wanted in on the dance music world, seeking producers like Zedd and Otto Knows to assist in creating their music. Integrating different styles of music with dance music is aiding in the commercialization of EDM, opening it up to a whole new set of possible fans.
Recently, the EDM industry went public in the NASDAQ thanks to Robert Sillerman who created SFX Entertainment, which includes businesses like Life in Color, Electric Zoo, and Beatport. While some people hate the fact that dance music and the dance music culture is becoming too mainstream I think it is great that everyone gets to experience what us fans have always cherished.

The downside to increased popularity, it seems is more negativity that comes along with the “EDM craze.” Dance music festivals and shows have become unfortunately associated with drugs, like “Molly.” That is not what the dance music scene stands for; shows should not be enjoyed under the influence, but enjoyed purely based on great music! Sharing a common love for dance music with friends and strangers alike, gives a sense of belonging. Commercialization is only spreading the dance music love and growing the EDM community. That’s what the music is all about; sharing a passion for the music in your own personal way!

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