Mike Mago is fairly new to the scene, but you would never be able to guess. He has been producing for a few years and has already gained plenty of fans and caught the attention of Mark Knight, Pete Tong, and many other industry taste makers. Familiarize yourself with Mago with our quick introductory interview below!

How long have you been djing? Producing?
MM: I’ve been DJing since I was around 17. I seriously started producing (as Mike Mago) in 2011

Your next release “Man Hands” comes out February 24th, what was the creation process like?
MM: Well.. I sat behind the computer and just started to make music. I never really have a conscious approach when I start making music. I basically make loads of rough ideas and then work on one that I like. During the process of this track, though, I met a beautiful girl who had man hands, so I thought I’d dedicate the song to her.

How would you categorize your sound?
MM: Good question. I wouldn’t. I think putting a sound in a narrow category really increases the chance of people producing music according to the set rules or boundaries of that category, which basically goes against my whole idea of music. I can say that my sound is electronic, it’s meant as club music and it probably fits best in the world of house. Beyond that, I really can’t go.

Who was the first DJ you ever saw live? Where?
MM: Hmm.. let’s see.. I think it was DJ Format or DJ Spinna. I was a real big fan of these guys and especially their way of mixing styles together from Rnb to Funk, Disco or HipHop, both with their own unique signature. I played alongside Spinna a couple of years ago. I was as excited as an alcoholic in a Heineken’s factory. It was at a party in Cannes thrown by a company called Sizzer. Spinna did the closing set and the promoter asked me to announce him. Since I’m not a host (for a good reason), I got a bit nervous and accidentally said: ‘Give it up for DJ Sizzer.’ He didn’t really like me after that…

What is it like to have the support of the likes of Pete Tong, Afrojack, Mark Knight and so many more well known DJs?
MM:Yeah it’s really nice, especially from guys like Mark Knight and Pete Tong. I really admire their work. They both have a unique position in the Dance scene. Next to securing their own career, they also (both in their own way) promote music from other producers. Guys like this are truly much needed in an industry like this.

What is your dream venue or festival where you would like to play?
MM:Haha there are so many! A closing set at Burning Man would be nice.

Is there anything new we should be looking out for from you?
MM:I just did a remix for Pixie Lott’s new song called ‘Nasty’ and one for Dan Croll’s ‘From nowhere’, which both turned out real nice I think. I’m also finishing a new track for a release on Toolroom. Besides that, I also run my label called Bmkltsch Rcrds which has some tight upcoming releases from Squarehead, Shapes, Ganzfeld Effect, Pat Lok and many more.

Do you have any tour plans for 2014?
MM:As we speak, we are planning a US tour for next summer or shortly after.

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