If you could have one superhero power, what would it be?

Megan: I don't know if Green Lantern's ring technically qualifies as a "super power", but I'm going to have to go with that. If I could have a superhero power, it would be to possess Green Lantern's ring. Because then I can basically have all the other superhero powers without actually having them.
Catie: I would like the ability to transport. Cruise on over to Ibiza then a quick little stop in Cape Cod and back home all before the long weekend is over.

First job you ever had?

Megan: Ugh. Dairy Queen, when I was 14. I got paid $5.15 an hour.
Catie: Caribou Coffee. Slayin’ those lattes.

Favorite candy / snack?

Megan: Flipz, chocolate covered pretzels.
Catie: Gobstobers preferably the chewy ones.

What do you drive?

Megan: A bitchin' Honda Accord.
Catie: Mazda 6. zoom, zoom.

Kind of watch do you wear?

Megan: The invisible kind.
Catie: Usually a Fossil, but once in a while an orange snap watch.

Favorite Sneakers?

Megan: I'm more the sandals type.
Catie: Ditto, I gave my heart to my Birkenstocks moons ago.

Favorite fashion brand?

Megan: Well, my most comfortable sweater is American Rag. So I'll have to go with that.
Catie: Free People, wish it wasn’t so damn expensive.

If you had one night left to live, how would you spend it?

Megan: On the one's and two's at Kinetic Field at EDC Las Vegas.
Catie: Outside somewhere. Near a lake or mountains. Surrounded by the one and only, Mother nature.

Favorite video game?

Megan: This is a tie between Starcraft (the first one), and Harvest Moon. Don't judge me.
Catie: Uhh.. MarioKart?

Can't leave home without?

Megan: My car keys.
Catie: Chapstick.

First DJ you ever saw live?

Megan: Bassnectar in 2009.
Catie: Bassnectar as well. I fell in love.

How would you describe your style?

Megan: I'm a freak...I don't think I can answer this question seriously.
Catie: Trendy..? I’m a hipster and I can make your hips stir.

What are your thoughts on the dance music culture right now?

Megan: I really loved the underground feel of EDM culture, but ever since EDM started to become more mainstream, it seems a large majority of the people who attend EDM shows are only going because it's the cool thing to do...Not because they believe in peace, love, unity, and respect, and establishing a short-lived, loving community whose nucleus is evocative electronic music. On the other hand, you have different fingers. It's so typical of everyone to begin hating on something once it begins popular, but I'm genuinely happy that these artists are getting to be heard by so many people, and seen by so many new eyes. It's amazing.
Catie: At shows, I love being surrounded by so many loving people all there for one thing, music. There is just a completely different energy that goes down compared to any other genre of music. The culture is really booming right now and will continue to grow.
Favorite track to play?
Megan: I absolutely adore the Cadence bootleg of Every Language is a Waterfall, with Porter and Coldplay...I don't get sick of it. And seeing everyone dance and enjoy themselves to it...I can't think of a better feeling in the world.
Catie:Major lazer’s Original Don Flosstradamus remix. Love seeing people go crazy at that first drop.

What DJ do you want to:

Megan: Carl Cox. He seems soft.
Catie: Kaskade. yum-o.

Party With?
Megan: Steve Aoki and the Bloody Beetroots...And Feed Me.
Catie: Daft Punk

DJ alongside live?
Megan: Tritonal and Above & Beyond...Someday!
Catie: Above & Beyond...Dream on little dreamer :)

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