Brand new project by Parisian producer, CLAEK, better known as ½ of French electro duo, Make The Girl Dance, released his debut EP on Enchante Records this week. The “Refuse/Resist” EP features remixes from Toxic Avenger and Party Harders, making this a must-have for electronica enthusiasts. CLAEK is also expected to release two more EPs in November and December, continuing to break in his moniker to the electro scene.

Although a new name, CLAEK, a.k.a. Greg Kozo, is no amateur to electronic dance music and still joins fellow Frenchman, Pierre Mathieu, on tours together as Make The Girl Dance, the duo responsible for the scandalous music video “Baby Baby Baby” that went viral back in 2009. Watch “Baby Baby Baby” below.

Since then, the two have released equally entertaining music videos from “Kill Me” and “Broken Toy Boy” to Greg’s own “Dance.Sex.Party.Repeat.” The clip for “Refuse Resist” is only mildly tamer, with a “Hangover” like rendition of a night in Paris. This is French electro at its best, straight from the streets of Paris. Pick it up on Beatport here.

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