This week leading DJ equipment company Pioneer launched a third CDJ to their DDJ-S series with the compact and entry-level DDJ-SB. The newest addition features nearly all the same features found on the series’ more comprehensive DDJ-SX and DDJ-SR models but with a more compressed and portable version. The DDJ-SB will feature the same ultra-connectivity to Serato DJ and DJ Intro, making more convenient effect handling and set recording more readily accessible during your sets. The best part about this new model is its price point. Often criticized for higher-end pricing – understandable considering product quality – Pioneer is offering the new DDJ-SB for a mere $299! Considering all of the features and compatibility included in Pioneer’s latest offering, bedroom DJs need no longer worry about cost-barriers to pick up the evolving art of mixing. Available for purchase in January of next year, Pioneer’s DDJ-SB is sure to inspire a new batch of kids and one can only hope that means there’s more great music to come. Check out the DDJ-SB in action below!

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