While fans bought tickets and filled the sold-out Fonda Theatre to capacity in an anxious excitement to see Matt and Kye of Gorgon City – LIVE – it became immediately apparent that Lulu James was the actual star of the show. As a dynamic duo from the streets of London, Gorgon City has become known and beloved for their unique twist to EDM. With beats similar to Disclosure and an album (Sirens) dripping with sing-along vocals, their live tour began with high expectations. With their appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! the night before, featuring Jennifer Hudson on their track "Go All Night," it was expected that she would follow the duo across the nation and perform as a guest performer. The real questions before the show though were, who was going to sing all of the other tracks on Sirens? Surely they wouldn’t have each of the album's guest vocalist perform during their show, would they?

Any and all expectations were immediately defeated the moment Lulu came on stage. She radiated confidence we could only dream of, and her vocals were spot on. Her performance was absolutely stunning, and the same can be said for her fellow special guest performer Josh Barry. The two mesmerized the crowd with their perfect renditions of our favorite album and their undeniable charisma.

Having only had the opportunity to experience a DJ set from Gorgon City, it was compelling to see how their live show would turn out. In short, imagine a Disclosure set up (electronic instrumental booths facing each other) plus live drums back center, heavy Drum & Bass interludes (which took the audience by surprise), and the loudest happiest crowd you could ever be a part of – plus those amazing vocals, of course.

Fortunately for fans, after the Gorgon City LIVE show at the Fonda, Matt and Kye were slated to play at one of the best clubs in LA – Sound Nightclub. The sold out crowd went straight to the club after the LIVE show, and the duo played the type of DJ set that caused fans to first fall in love with Gorgon City. Some fans even went as far to say they enjoyed the DJ set more than the LIVE set they had experienced earlier in the evening.

The club quickly sold out, and once again, Lulu James became a highlight of the after party festivities as she stood atop the club's giant speakers wearing nothing but a skimpy black bodysuit. Her performance was incredibly different than the Live show, and fit the vibe of the club eloquently. Some had hoped Gorgon City would play longer during their DJ set, but both hour and fifteen minute slot times were just enough to make Los Angeles satisfied, all while wanting so much more.

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