Clubs are fun, though sometimes, they can be some weird places. Anyone who has been in the club scene for a while has seen some strange stuff go down. However, no one is more at risk of encountering these kind of events than professional DJs. They spend most nights of the year at dance clubs, which are hotspots for these kind of occurrences.

Inthemix recently sat down with artists including the Prodigy, Martin Garrix, Art Department, Darude, Gorgon City, Kiesza and Carnage while at Future Music Festival to talk about the grossest stuff they've seen at the club. As expected, they've all got some stories to share, covering everything from lewd acts in public to puke stories. Not pleasant.

Nevertheless, it makes for a very entertaining video featuring some really talented artists. Let it be a lesson to those in the club scene to have a short-term memory. Check out the video above.

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