What did you want to be when you grew up?

Vaughn: I wanted to be a comic artist… yeah, illustrating.

What was your first job?

Vaughn: My first job was at McDonald’s man. Working the grill son. I can still make a Big Mac like a boss.

Peers in the music industry you look to as a role model?

Vaughn: I don’t know… Got to go with Quincy Jones, Nile Rodgers, so many… Daft Punk.

A great quote to live by?

Vaughn: That one’s tough for me, I don’t really know any quotes to live by. Sorry [laughs].

Your favorite movie or TV show at the moment?

Vaughn: Probably Game of Thrones… right now, yeah.

A crazy moment that’s happened at a show or on the road?

Vaughn: A crazy moment? Well, the last crazy thing was when we got Rick Roll’D by Zedd on tour. That was kind of crazy. I’m sure you can go on YouTube and find a video of that [we couldn’t]. We got Rick Roll’D live by Zedd, basically we were playing a song and they switched it over on us and– played the Rick Astley song. I had no idea what was going on and I was like ‘What the fuck?!’ Everyone’s laughing at us and shit.


Have you ever been denied from a venue you were performing at?

Vaughn: Probably at first. Yeah and then I eventually wormed my way in there.

An embarrassing moment you’re not ashamed to bring to light?

Vaughn: Embarrassing moment? [pauses]. I don’t get embarrassed, bro.

Your favorite movie or TV show at the moment?

Vaughn: Probably Game of Thrones… right now, yeah.

Something you can’t travel without?

Vaughn: What is it, What is it… it’s not Pepto but that other stuff [laughs] what is it called?
It’s really like… plugs you out. It’s really gross but what is it called? That’s what I want to say but I don’t know what the shit’s called! Imodium! Imodium is a must for a DJ. It’s really gross but so true too… When traveling – your stomach is just really weird you know?


Have you ever been arrested?

Vaughn: Yeah I was actually arrested when I was fourteen for doing graffiti. So… Yeah, I’m a bad ass.

What was your tag?

Vaughn: Oh, it changed every week man. I had hundreds – I don’t really know.

A person, dead or alive, you want to grab a drink with?

Vaughn: Dead or alive? Prince! Because that’d be weird and awesome I think.


Favorite dirty phrases or cheesiest pick-up lines:

Vaughn: I’m bad with that stuff man. What was it, bad pick-up lines? All of my pick-up lines are bad – And there’s no such thing as a bad pick-up line coming from a girl – I think. I think they’re all amazing – even if they’re bad they’re good [laughs].

Any peers and friends making music that you’d like to plug?

Vaughn: Yeah, Chromeo, Alex Metric, Destructo, A-Trak of course and Classixx’s.

An artist that you would buy a ticket to see today?

Vaughn: Oliver.

Photo courtesy of Rukes.
Photo courtesy of Rukes.

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