Unfortunately, we haven't been able to catch the guys first-hand during their In Return World Tour - though we have heard the rumors. At least the former will be true until this coming Monday in Los Angeles (December 14) at the Shrine Expo Hall, where ODESZA will conclude the most successful tour in electronic music this year - and Elektro has been invited to take part in the historic moment.

Along the lines of this notion, Mills say of their live performances: “We related more to album-based artists and the singer-songwriter stuff that was around us growing up. And that’s influenced how we approach the shows, by adding a lot of live elements with a guitarist and our own drumming and electronic drumming. EDM used to mean you’re a guy with a laptop on stage. When we play live against artists in that realm, we do like the energy that EDM creates, but we go about it in a different way.” And the success of their careers as ODESZA in just three years - in just the past year - proves that what they're doing on stage (and in the studio) is resonating with this growing EDM community.
Check out below the Fan Photo Gallery, originally posted on ODESZA's Facebook, here, and tune back next week for Elektro's review/ photo gallery of the epic close to ODESZA's In Return World Tour. We can't wait!