Myles Shear, a.k.a. Nexus, is a 19-year old DJ/producer who is ready to take the EDM world by storm. Based in Miami, Florida, he has been producing since the age of 16. With 3 years of producing and immense musical talent both on the keys and in the studio, Nexus is ready to share his newest productions, which do not disappoint, and will most likely put this young producer on your radar. His newest production, "Radiant," supplies a progressive/dubstep sound, bringing electro builds that are reminiscent of Madeon, to brutal dubstep drops that match the likes of Datsik. This is a truly unique production by an up-and-coming name in the genre that truly displays this young talent's skills, while supplying a track that EDM fans are guaranteed to enjoy. Check out Nexus' "Radiant" below.

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