Madeon is fresh off the release of his debut LP Adventurean album that saw the young French producer take his music to the next level. With this monumental release, he has already entered the conversation for album of the year. Coinciding with the much-anticipated release was the start of his tour in support of the release. The twenty-two date trip included Adventure Live performances at both weekends of Coachella. With an entire new collection of tracks to play out combining with the unique visual experience these live shows offer, Madeon created his most impressive tour yet.

Madeon states in the video above that he's never done anything like this Live tour before, saying, "it feels like the very first Madeon tour." This first episode of what is likely a several part series documenting this innovative tour is a brief look into the creation the tour and Madeon's vision for it. The video also affirms why this tour is a must-attend for fans of the areas it has not hit yet. The tour continues through May 9, head to Madeon's official website for tour dates, tickets and information. Check out the tour flyer below to see remaining dates. Also, read our exclusive interview with Madeon.

Madeon North American tour

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