With the rise in popularity of electro house and dubstep, drum & bass has quietly stood its ground as the foundation for today's dance music. Back in the early '90's, when artists started to explore new rhythms and melodies, the experimentation of different drum riffs allowed for many genres to be born. DnB (drum & bass) was a genre spawned out of the early rave culture similar to other early dance music styles like Garage, Jungle, and Hardcore. Today, DnB music consists of hard-hitting percussion that drives the track with steady arrangements.

The new EP from S.P.Y. titled BRSTL Hardcore is an example of some of the best that DnB has to offer. The Brazilian-born, Bristol-based DnB producer has been a leader in the scene since he dropped his debut on the iconic Metalheadz imprint in 2005. His unrivaled production ability has allowed him to stay consistent with quality releases over the years and in 2012 S.P.Y. signed to Hospital Records, releasing his critically acclaim debut LP. Now we are graced with yet another top-notch release as Hospital Records teams up with NEST HQ to deliver S.P.Y.'s BRSTL Hardcore EP that sees the producer take his sound to the next level. When two imprints from opposite sides of the Atlantic come together for a release, we know we are in for a real treat and S.P.Y. doesn't let us down.

This BRSTL Hardcore EP is dark and gritty with it's distinct nature of bass and percussion that is nostalgic of the early rave days. The title track is a definite dancefloor heater with it's amped up feel, while the swirling bass of "Mass Effect" presents an atmospheric experience. "Leave Me Alone" continues on the darker side, with "Warrior Dub" picking up the pace and leaving us with another full dose of drum & bass. S.P.Y. has presents us with a cohesive and stimulating batch of tunes that will have any DnB fan feeling satisfied. Pick up the full release on NEST HQ.

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