Porter Robinson's recent release, "Sea of Voices," has made massive waves in the EDM world as the first look into what the young producer's new album will be like. Ambitiously ethereal, the track has become a common task for producers of all styles to remix. One moombahton bootleg, produced by MaxX and EJ, stands out with its tastefully subtle edits. The duo implement rhythmic vocal slicing with the the choral parts to create a synth-like effect, echoing the additions to maintain the ethereal ambience. What makes the song moombahton is the added percussion, which, again, has an echoed effect and is not too overwhelming. The percussion cuts out dramatically for what we can consider the breakdown section, but returns in an understated manner when we expect to hear the wall of sound in the original. Instead of dropping, it mellows out into an elegant melody created by the same vocal slicing technique.

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