Aiming to be the east coast Snoop Dogg of dance music, NC by way of NYC producer David Heartbreak, toured the US, released a stream of banging singles, and has proven himself as one of OWSLA's most promising rising talents. Gearing up for a massive 2014, Heartbreak took a moment with us to share his plans for dance music domination. With a new album near completion, tour plans, and festie dates on his calendar, Heartbreak is prepared to become a household name. Heartbreak also treated us to a bootleg of Metallica classic 'Sandman' to hold us over until his album drops later this year.

What was your thought process behind this bootleg?

HBK: Honestly, this is the type of stuff that cycles through my iPod I love rock & metal, I love hip hop, and I love house music. I've been busy writing songs for my album, and I wanted to put out a bootleg for people to rage too. Ive been playing a quick edited version out, so i decided to finish it and put it out for free.

What can we look forward to from HBK this coming year?

HBK: A lot of good music, I lot more excitement at my shows, more reggae, more rock, more acid, and more cloud nine.

What is the premise behind this new album?

HBK: The Premise Behind Rose Colored Bass, Was to make an album that my entire fan base would love. I just mixed reggae, rock, acid, and cloud nine vibes all together. it sounds weird but it works in my opinion. This project is fun, and innovative, i'm just being myself.

What direction are you trying to take your sound?

HBK: The New direction is just Heartbreak. All the forms of music I make. Its reggae, its acid, it rave, its cloud nine. Its just my form of expression

What did you find to be the most difficult aspect of composing this album?

HBK: Not to sample, haha. Sometimes I hear a dope sample, I want to flip it, I get in to it, and it ends up being something that's almost impossible to clear, even if its obscure people will find out, so I'm just moving away from it. Although, sometimes its just that one.. and you just play it at shows. Thats why I'm shying away from sampling more and more.. sucks though.

What/who inspired you the most going into the studio this time around?

HBK: I was just inspired because I took off for 4 months to study and learn, picked everyone's brains, just nerded out on tutorials & books. After that break I was actually excited to make music again. I went out to LA for two weeks and wrote almost 25 quality tracks, so i was stoked,

What is the greatest lesson you learned as a producer this past year?

HBK: The greatest lesson, I learned is to be patient, but stay hungry. That is something I tell a lot to my fans that are also producers. Just take your time. Its not a race, its a marathon.

What Festival's Are you most looking forward to playing in 2014?

HBK Shit, all of em. I love the Hard events to be honest. I played last year, it was kinda ill because the crowd didn't really know me at the time, and Iwent off as I normally do, and my fan page & twitter went crazy with love. Thats the shit that makes me run back to the studio. Its that pay off of watching the crowd genuinely rock with you.

What is your biggest goal you have yet to achieve for 2014?

HBK: My Biggest goal is to just keep getting, bigger, and better. I know it sounds corny but hey, haha..

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