Few artists have captured the attention of techno tastemakers faster than that of the Bay Area based producer Matrixxman. In just 2 years alone he’s become one of the most exciting artists in the industry with his distinct flavor of techno that has captivated fans with his forward thinking motifs. As a dedicated futurist his music tends to reflect a wide range of thought provoking ideas like artificial intelligence, government conspiracies, and science fiction that have allowed him to explore a diverse palate of sounds and textures at his disposal. "My obsession with the darker sides of humanity's exploits gone awry is secondary to the more important matter at heart: evolutionary transcendence," Matrixxman explains. It’s evident he’s got a lot going on in his mind and his music is a representation of all those thoughts coming together as one. Now he has shared the second single from his highly anticipated debut album that gives fans another taste of what’s to come.

After sharing ‘Augmented’, the first single from his debut album, we were blown away by the subtle atmospherics that carried on throughout the track’s rolling synths and steady rhythm. The second single titled ‘HMU (Hit Me Up)’ follows suite with his captivating techno style and brings on intricate percussion with a touch of acidic synths. The track features his good friend and frequent collaborator Vin Sol who brings a touch of class and quality to release. Techno will never be the same after his debut album Homesick is released on July 10th and we can’t wait to hear more of the Matrixxman sound. Homesick is due to be released July 10th via Ghostly.

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