When listening to a techno record there is one aspects of the track that tends to stick out above all else. Techno by nature has a repetitive quality at its core which draws the listener in as the track progresses. Once a producer has found that core rhythm, they are then able to layer sounds in a way that enhances the overall feeling they wish to convey. This is a skill that the most experienced producers have mastered, making them true tastemakers in the industry.

If you want to get an idea for what I mean, listen to the recent single from Matrixxman titled "Augmented." Charles Duff, the Bay Area artist behind Matrixxman, is a dedicated futurist who's debut album will touch on a number of ideas like artificial intelligence as well as Detroit, Chicago, and Berlin's musical legacies. This new track is the first taste we get from his forthcoming album due out in July and "Augmented" supplies us with just enough brilliance to quench our palate by the time the album drops. The underlying rhythm sets the stage for an eerie synth arrangement that takes this one deeper and darker into the realm of underground techno. He uses his debut album to evoke visions of a not-too-distant-future with music made both for the dancefloor and the early morning zone-outs that follow.

"My obsession with the darker sides of humanity's exploits gone awry is secondary to the more important matter at heart: evolutionary transcendence." - Matrixxman

Matrixxman’s album Homesick will be released on July 10 via Ghostly.

Homesick - Track list:
1. Necronomicon
2. Augmented
3. Red Light District
4. Packard Plant
5. Dejected
6. Network Failure
7. False Pattern Recognition
8. Opium Den
9. Annika's Theme
10. HMU (Hit Me Up) (feat. Vin Sol)
11. Switchblade
12. Earth Like Conditions

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