Marc Vedo has released "Freak Out" and "Deep In Turin,” available exclusively from Stealth now on Beatport and all other reputable retailers on April 15th 2013. From the cue point, “Freak Out” walks in drums-a-blazing, with an engineering job focused on overpowering the mix down of its predecessor in the set. Dropping in hypnotically with a swinging bass line and stuttered drum fills, the stage is set as the track builds with a breakbeat induced climb towards drop 2, where a clavinet inspired top line piles through, pushing it’s way through a crowd of B-Boys with a street wise vocal grunt. Taking different strides from Freak Out, Deep In Turin showcases the depth of Mr. Vedo’s production palette. With a bottom heavy analog bass line leading the charge, filtered synth plucks set the stage for a production filled with fine details. The breakdowns have been formatted for people to find their motion, before erotic screams and moans bring the beat back. With a subtly placed ‘eruption’ vocal sample scattered throughout, it’s evident that this one is focused on dispensing audio pheromones to every corner of the dance floor. Roger Sanchez claimed, "Loving "Deep In Turin" for the early part of the night, and "Freak Out" is funky and jacking… Really working well during the peak hours of my sets!" Check out the release below!