Fans have been anxiously awaiting the release of French DJ-producer Madeon's debut album Adventure for some time. Now a month and a half out of the official release date (March 30), Madeon has given fans another taste of the album.

"Pay No Mind" is a collaboration alongside indie/electronic band Passion Pit, and it teases at what greatness lies inside what is one of the year's most-anticipated releases. This synth-pop creation is fit for both the festival environment and radio play. It's a bright, feel-good track that brilliantly combines the unique sounds of Madeon and Passion Pit, while showcasing the young French producer's impressive production skills.

This new piece of the album comes nearly two months after Madeon released the official music video for the track "You're On" featuring Kyan. This single also came with a remix EP, which included reworks from Oliver, Alex Metric and Gramatik.

The first track unveiled from the album showed that the album will also see Madeon stepping out of his signature sound. "Imperium" is a harder-hitting, epic track that sounds like it may have been inspired by Daft Punk. Once again, Madeon displayed his seasoned production abilities, and the track left fans thirsty for more.

Madeon continues to establish himself as one of, if not the most talented and exciting young producer in dance music. Despite having only given fans listens to the three of the album's twelve tracks, Adventure has already entered the conversation for album of the year. Pre-order Madeon's Adventure LP on iTunes.

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