The dance music world is anxiously awaiting the full-length debut from MadeonAdventure marks not only the most anticipated release from Madeon to date, but one of the most anticipated releases of 2015. Having displayed incredible talent throughout his catalogue of releases, the tracks that have already surfaced hint that it is going to take the showcasing of his production abilities to the next level.

As we await the full-length release, Madeon is allowing fans to hear some of the album in a very unique and entertaining way. His "Adventure Machine" is an online interface that allows fans to hear samples from the album and use them to create their own music with them. The design allows for users to navigate through various samples from Adventure and create new mash-ups and mixes out of the available sounds. Select samples from the different colored squares, with the final product being your own rendition of music featured on Adventure. More samples will be released onto the "Adventure Machine" for fans to use as we near the official release of the album.

Also, Madeon encourages fans to share their own mixes on his Facebook. Once you have perfected your mix (and don't worry, the "Adventure Machine" does all of the actual mixing for you), join the thread by adding the URL to your own mix, and say goodbye to your productivity for the rest of the day.

Adventure is now available for pre-order on iTunes. Make your own Adventure mix using the "Adventure Machine" on Madeon's official website.

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