As the elektro team arrived to the New York Stock Exchange late Saturday evening, the building was lit up in red; a subtle hint of the historic event taking place inside. After going through two check-ins, security, and a golden elevator ride, we came into the grand “ballroom” of the world’s most famous trading room. The day traders were all long gone, but the floor of the NYSE was overtaken by young college entrepreneurs for the 5th annual Kairos Society Global Summit, produced by CONVOY. As we walked around the mini-buffets and island bars, the buzz around the cocktail tables for the night’s headliner, 18-year old DJ/producer, Madeon, was high among both the youngest and oldest patrons.
Walking around the New York Stock Exchange, drink in hand, and bumpin’ to the sounds of electro house was, to say the least, surreal. Hundreds of monitors displayed world-renowned brands and companies with their numbers surrounding us, above everyone, creating an incomparable atmosphere and feeling. Around 9:30pm, the lights dimmed and Madeon lit-up the decks with two of his signature midi controllers. In a short and sweet set, Madeon played some of his favorites: A-Trak's “Heads Will Roll,” Martin Solveig's “Night Out," Mat Zo & Porter Robinson's “Easy," The Knocks' “Dancing with the DJ," deadmau5's “Raise Your Weapon," and his own original productions “The City,” and “Pop Culture,” which ended the historic performance. All of this set to a diamond background of a lightshow, speakers blasting loud enough to feel the floor shaking, and a line around the room to get a picture on top of the podium.
That podium has been frequented by a diverse group of public figures from politics to entertainment. A long hallway below the NYSE, leading to the bathrooms, detailed those visits. With Madeon playing in the background, we marveled at how grateful we were to be witnessing this event, and the thought that as the first DJ to ever perform inside the New York Stock Exchange, Madeon would be added to the list of notable visitors to one of the most unique venues in not only New York, but the world.

Written by: Liz Sin & Chelsea Kelly

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