The designers over at Electric Styles are always outdoing themselves to make sure you’re the brightest attraction at any electronic event you attend. Their versatile collections of ties, hoodies, and other clothing set themselves apart thanks to their festival-ready LED lighting, which are as creatively designed as they are bright. They’ve recently released newer versions of the Light Up Bra, first introduced at 2010’s Burning Man, in six different light designs and 14 bra sizes, A-D. With a battery back that needs few batteries (only 2 AA or 4 AAA if you are using a sound pack) and that can run at least 24 hours when fully charged, you’ll be ready to shine all day and night! Even better, the unique piece of clothing is offered at a reasonable price, starting as low as $54. If a bra isn’t for you, don’t fret. You can find light-up ties, hoodies, and even glowing fur boots at Electric Styles.

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