With the backing of dance music legend John Digweed on the Bedrock Records 14 compilation LP, Kurtz & Bomber are back with their own EP, "Work On Me". A collaborative project between Troy Kurtz and Panic Bomber (also known as Richard Haig), this USA duo is bringing the States' talent back in - dare I say - a sexy way. When elektro caught up with the two producer/DJs, they admit "Even though our work may sound deep and dark, it's still sexual." The records on this EP are a deep house lovers wet dream (am I allowed to say that?) and help showcase the pair's impressive, raw talent. On the support from Digweed, K&B told elektro, "After hearing our demo, he wanted to sign every track we had, so that definitely felt pretty rewarding." Although that's reason enough for any lover of dance music to listen, we go more in-depth with Kurtz & Bomber.

The EP starts off with 'Work On Me', a techy dance floor smash that bumps and bounces, with female vocals calling to the listener to "work me". Next up is the heavenly 'Such A Rush', featuring the duo's own vocals and gave "goosebumps" to the track's creators. And Forever Forever sends one to cloud nine, floating away with the melody while having lyrics that "you could probably take and give to a metal band - they're pretty out there", according to K&B. We can't forget the cap-off record & debut track, 'Never Sleeping', which should seal the deal for the listener, if they haven't already heard it on the Bedrock compilation. The key to the Kurtz & Bomber chemistry? Troy tells it like it is; "We're really honest with each other, so we're not afraid to tell each other if something sounds whack."

As for now, they are writing new material and can be seen together in Miami during Art Basel at Overthrow Basel Castle. Put Kurtz & Bomber on your radar because their future is bright in this ever-changing industry.

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