the chainsmokers

Alex Pall and Andrew Taggert, aka The Chainsmokers, are an Indie Progressive and Big Room House duo based out of NYC. The Chainsmokers initially gained recognition for their remix of Smallpool’s “Dreaming” in mid 2013, topping a million plays on Soundcloud before the end of the year. They followed it up with more than a dozen successive #1 Hype Machine hits, such as their remixes of Banks’ “Change” and Icona Pop’s “Girlfriend.” Coming into 2014, Alex and Drew dropped a slew of tracks on Dim Mak and then released #SELFIE, hitting Beatport Top Ten and #1 on the iTunes dance chart. From a feature during the Oscar’s pre-coverage to revolutions on nearly every dancefloor in America, the #SELFIE sensation has catapulted them into the public eye.

The Chainsmoker’s ability to spot, absorb, and improve growing trends within the EDM scene is uncanny and tightly linked to their viral success. This explosive popularity brought about by the internet and their bubbly, exuberant personalities follows in the ilk of overnight stars such as Dillon Francis, though their take on sexy big room sound is far different. However, like the Moombahton poster child the duo’s performances are being infiltrated with larger than live grinning portraits that bob from the outstretched arms of their adoring female fans.

It is not solely their success that denotes them as part of the Freshman Class, but their impeccable knack for fresh production as well. From their start deconstructing iconic female acapellas, infusing new life into the likes of Banks, Ellie Goulding, and Icona Pop, to the success of their first major original track, the duo have created a massive sound that at its core emanates from intricately constructed melodies. With the promise of their 2014 debut album still well down the road, the two are already slated to be the next big thing in EDM.

Stay tuned for exclusive content from The Chainsmokers all this week, and listen to their must-hear tracks below!

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