Freaks, geeks, raver chic, and everyone in between were at the Triad Dragon’s Hallowfreaknween in Denver, Colorado. I must admit I feel sad for anyone that wasn’t there last night because it was one of the best Colorado parties I have been to in a while, which was extremely unexpected. With that said, I am going to break down my whole night for everyone who wasn’t there to have a sense of what it was like and for everyone that was to re-live their memories. And so it begins…

My photographer friend, Chris, and I headed to the National Western Complex around 9 o’clock thinking it was just going to be a typical rave. When we walked in, we started listening to one of the first headliners, Audien, play. Very impressed. We then headed to the front of the stage with our cameras in hand to capture this talented DJ and to my surprise this guy is young, which made him that much cooler on my list. Audien’s progressive housey-trancey tunes were food for my soul that I fully indulged myself in. I had never listened to Audien before this event but I left a huge fan.

The night of epic proportions carried onward with Mord Fustang taking the stage around 10:30 PM. Unlike Audien, I listen to Mord Fustang on my iPod and Pandora all the time but I had never seen this upcoming mega DJ before! The one thing I came into Hallowfreaknween expecting was Mord Fustang killing it—as social hype has told me—and he did more than that, he slayed. His super awesome geeky emo look along with his banging feel good tracks turned me into a giggling little teenybopper all over again and I will tell you this—it felt too good. Mord Fustang is it, period. I’m going to be smiling for days because his electro-house beats made me feel blissfully happy. This guy is going to go a long ways, stoked!

R3HAB took the stage around 11:30 PM after Mord Fustang. The crowd was going completely bonkers at this point—the vibe was feeling just right, which is what Chris and I didn’t expect. R3HAB comes to Denver a lot and I have seen him a handful of times but never like this. He makes his way onto the stage with great energy exuding into the crowd and his stylish electro beats was what the crowd was hungry for. It was different that Mord Fustang’s set; R3HAB was extremely bouncy and I (as well as the thousands of people behind me) freaking loved it. I think it is safe to say that everyone was feeling GOOD at this point. R3HAB “wowed” me!

Last up was the Bingo Players going on stage at 12:30 AM and I was stoked to see them, especially since their song “Cry Just A Little” has been playing on BPM constantly. It is hard to top off a night with the competing 3 epic sets beforehand but Bingo Players separated themselves by adding a little funk into the mix—and not to mention the couple of booming confetti blasts! This Dutch House duo had huge grins on their faces and was jumping around their entire set, which made everyone feel like one. The Bingo Players set connected everything about this night; it was bliss.

So, here I am sitting at my desk laughing at myself from thinking Hallowfreaknween was going to be “just another rave.” Hallowfreaknween was much more than that and it really cleansed my senses because sometimes you get so incredibly jaded from being around in the scene for a while. I am gushing with my rejuvenated self and feeling very blessed to live in a state that has an outstanding EDM scene and enthusiastic fans. Thank you Triad Dragon’s, Hallowfreaknween was a real treat.

Written By: Stacy Morrow

Photo's By: Stacy Morrow & Chris Douglass

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