Anyone immersed in the EDM scene is familiar with the #HDYBYZ, Flosstradamus. They've been at the forefront of the trap movement since its explosion just a few years ago, and have developed one of the most loyal followings amongst any artists today. #HDYNATION is not just a fanbase, it's a culture. The film's director, Loren Wohl, who also photographed Flosstradamus on their previous tour, says “I didn’t realize the cultural impact their music was having. There’s a real sense of community and identity.”

This short film takes its viewers into the trenches of Flosstradamus' shows, putting a spotlight on the Floss-merch wearing, warning sign-flashing, twerking, moshing (and often times, weed-smoking) fans that create their shows' one-of-a-kind atmosphere. Josh of Flosstradamus says, “For us it wasn’t really about documenting the tour–there are already a million and one tour documentaries. It was just a dope opportunity for us to get all the fans in one place and get the camera on them. It’s about shining a light on the fact that we have something special.”

Check out the 'IRL Tour' Film above, and check out a collection of Loren Wohl's photos of Flosstradamus fans from the tour below. Also, check out the tour dates for their HDYNATION TOUR, and get tickets HERE.


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