Those who’ve been following the life and times of John Gooch (a.k.a. Feed Me) have seen the everything goes UK curator energize through a mix-mash of genres. Now the 29-year-old DJ/producer has found a home under his own record label, Sotto Voce. Feed Me has garnered a eclectic following of dub heads and house lovers alike, who started to flock to the beat after Gooch’s debut LP, 'Calamari Tuesday'. 'Calamari Tuesday' is the first release on the Sotto Voce (SoVo) label and will mark the beginning of a new close knit collective of ambitious and meticulous-crafting artists that are “making a statement while ultimately cleaning up the sloppy mess that the EDM era has created.” New DJs/producers looking to jump on board should head to and click ‘Demo Submissions’ to submit any goodies. Gooch recently took part in his first ever Google+ Hangout where he answered fan questions and unveiled three of his own personal sketches. Those wishing to snag a sketch from Feed Me can enter to win one on the website. Watch Feed Me’s Google+ Hangout above!

And, in case you need a 'Calamari Tuesday' refresher — rewind with one of the best singles from the LP, “Rat Trap" below!

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