On the evening of February 8th React Presents brought Feed Me to the House of Blues-Chicago for night one of his two night stint. Both shows were sold out and the line of about 100 people 2 hours after doors opened showed that. With drapes covering Feed Me’s “with teeth” stage set up, Mord Fustang took to the stage front and center to start the night off. Playing at the House of Blues last year Mord had some technical difficulties where he was rocking it so hard that he blew the speaker system, hopefully it won’t happen again. The crowd was amped as Mord played the heavy hitting Schoolboy tune “Zombies ate my Neighbours,” as he transitioned into his own hits “Taito” and “Lick the Rainbow.” Arms were in the air and glow toys were bring thrown, spun, and danced with as the night went on in anticipation for Feed Me.

As Mord finished doing his thing, the crowd was ready to be eaten. The “with teeth” stage was unveiled and Feed Me was ready to keep the party going. His signature stage started out as just glaring eyes, as the teeth started to illuminate beat by beat. The dance floor was packed as the headliner for the night started his set. Dropping his most popular song “One Click Headshot” got the crowd riled up and wanting to be fed more. He stuck with his drum in base background and just kept dropping original mixes and drop after drop. Another heavy track that Feed Me played was his dubstep song “Blood Red,” and when the first big drop came the House of Blues exploded. Bodies were jumping and hands were flailing like they were having a seizure.

This turned out to be a way better show than expected, just a solid lineup all around. Mord Fustang is starting to make a name for himself already and with his crisp mixing and knack for heavy hitting electro-glitch, I wouldn’t be surprised if he starts topping EDM charts in the near future. The pretty cool thing I noticed about Feed Me is that he doesn’t just play banger after banger or recycled jams that every DJ plays. A solid portion of his set was all original mixes, which in my mind you don’t really see anymore, especially in the dubstep genre. All in all it was a great show, if you missed this show, be sure to check out Feed Me’s set at Spring Awakening at Solider Field this summer.

Written By: Derek Bogseth

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