How did you develop the concept of Feed Me as a character?

My sister tragically lost her hand in a waste disposal unit whilst playing with toys in the sink when we were young. The machine would gurgle sounds which resembled the words 'feed me'. Even after the unit was removed and the legal proceedings had long passed I was stricken by a crippling fear each time I entered the kitchen.

My therapist introduced me to music and art as a coping mechanism, and by surmising my fears into a project I've managed to bring light and humour into a phrase that once only served to remind me of my sisters arm-stump.

What do you hope people take away from your album 'Calamari Tuesday?' Where do you rank it amongst your own productions?

To me it's a biopic of my experience with Feed Me to date. I hope people feel like it's been a journey through my adventures and thoughts so far. It's the first full album I've ever completed, which is a rewarding feeling. I'd much rather work in album format as much as possible from now on, I grew up approaching albums like films in that I would sit and take the entire experience in.

Your sound combines several different genres to create your own sound. Are there any particular artists that inspire your sound?

If anything I try to ignore genre and always work in the direction that feels right at the time. As far as inspiration goes I grew up listening to classic British rock, some Michael Jackson, early Warp records artists, Prodigy. I try and always extend my musical tastes and remain open minded. I made a Squarepusher and Yungchen Llamo CD to listen to at my first job.

Do you ever plan on straying from your established sound and/or taking things in an entirely new musical direction?

This seems to contradict the last question somewhat. By consequence of never really sticking to a genre I think I'm able to keep expanding what defines my sound as Feed Me. I enjoy challenging myself. When I want to work in a context that feels totally different I tend to produce under my other project names; I enjoy the total freedom this gives.

Who do you hope to collaborate with at some point?

Musically I'm quite happy working on my own. I'm not keen on collaborating unless it's an organically formed process. I'd love to do some visual work with Patricia Piccinini. Feed Me represents a bright and colourful surface with a faintly sinister undertone. I'm keen to explore that more visually, I like being unsettled.

Do you still plan on taking a hiatus from DJing? Any plans on bringing Feed Me With Teeth back in the future?

It's a bit late now if I'd changed my mind, I have no scheduled shows until the end of the year. I'm enjoying the time I have off from touring already and it's proving really productive which I'm very pleased with. I'd love to perform with the Teeth show again, I think soon we will start looking into developing it further.

Whats in store next for the little green monster?

We have some film work beginning soon featuring himself & I, hopefully working with Us Production again. I've just launched my own label & brand Sotto Voce; Calarami Tuesday will be the debut release, with upcoming artists Tjani & Zeros following soon after.

My music social network has been my extended family my whole life so it's really exciting to unite these people with a brand I can believe in. I did it once before with Lifted Music, so I feel well prepared in what's needed.

I've already started work on a second album and I also have Seventh Stitch and Spor albums in production, hopefully these will all see SoVo releases. I don't think I've ever been more excited about the future. If you see my sister don't wave.

Check out Feed Me's new track from his album, "Rat Trap," below!

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