Festival season is finally (and happily) upon us, bringing dozens of festivals across the country. While a few mega-fests have taken over, it’s easy to look past hidden gems. One you definitely don’t want to miss, however, is Farmfest. Held from July 24-26 in Rickeyfarm, Vernon, New Jersey, this all-ages, three-day camping festival is sure to hold some of the best vibes of any east-coast fest.

Farmfest has released its full lineup consisting of extremely diverse and interesting genres like electronic jam bands, dubstep, livetronica, funk, glitch hop, trap, and dozens more. Headlining are fan favorites Papadosio & Eoto, with support from heavyweight Liquid Stranger performing two sets (including a downtempo one not to be missed) Cosby Sweater, Thriftworks, Phutureprimitive, and countless others.

The full lineup is stacked with Papadosio, Eoto, Phutureprimitive, Random Rab, Bluetech, Govinda, Liquid Stranger, Desert Dwellers, Marvel Years, Moon Hooch, Andreilien (Heyoka), Gladkill, Buku, Cosby Sweater, Unlimited Aspect, Nadis Warriors, Skytree, Space Jesus, Esseks, Plassic, Technicolor Lenses, Srikalogy, Jordan Koza Family, Mystery Fyre, Suburban Sensi, Truth Now, Mshairi, Faceplant, Ra!N, Brightside, Pure Blend, Wink, Sexy Black Female, Ilas, One.Man. Exhilo, and more!

Here are a few of the acts we’re most excited for, so get a playlist ready to prepare you!

Papadosio has an incredibly dedicated fan base, and has definitely earned it. This quintet describes their sound as a medling of “progressive rock with psychedelia, folk with electronica, and dance music”. Basically, they’ve mastered their own soulful, earthy, exotic sound that has earned them the headlining spot.

On a similar wavelength, EOTO has such an incredibly unique and captivating sound. Formed as a side project for the massive The String Cheese Incident, this duo is sure to put on an unforgettable show.

Beginning with heavy dubstep roots, Liquid Stranger has grown and evolved with the times, honing his skills massively throughout. He now mixes Dubstep with an organic future bass sound to create something completely different and awesome. I can’t wait to see what he brings to his downtempo set!

If you still have a strong craving for a little trap/jungle sound, Farmfest luckily booked Buku to bring a little heavier sound to the chill lineup. Amidst all his more relaxed fellow artists, Buku is sure to throw down a crazy set.

Check out the recap video from last year and grab your tickets here!


See you all in Jersey,