Elektro asked. The DJs' answered.

In this edition of Elektro's Top 10 "Quickie with a DJ Answers," we bring you spin-masters' scariest groupie moments, first jobs and who they really want to hug it out with.

Scariest Groupie Moments

Borgore: The month after...depending if she got her period or not.

Kid Sister:  The dude in Vancouver who followed our car from the venue to a friend’s show across town and live tweeted it. And the other dude the night before (same city) who pretended he was a friend of my local DJ friends and told me, "I know everything about you" then proceeded to recite my wiki page. DEAR SWEET BABY JESUS, STOP IT!

Alexander Technique:  Some dude threw his girlfriend's (or maybe they were his) panties at me while I was DJing in Barcelona and then took off.

MartyParty: I got convinced by a groupie to go on a "quick" detour to an after party after a gig in some small town. I found myself 30 miles out in the middle of nowhere in a ghetto with people passed out all around me. I had to walk on the highway until another drunk hillbilly picked me up and drove me back to the hotel. .

DJ Amtrac: A promoter tried to get me to sleep with her… and her husband

First Jobs

Gramatik: When I was six or seven, me and a couple of buddies from my home town started snorkeling for Seashells, dead Seahorses, Crab shells and stuff like that. Each summer we would swim around all day long looking for the good stuff on the sea floor and in the evening we would setup a little stand at the beach and sell the goods we found to tourists. It went on for years, we never payed any taxes, life was good!

Orazio Rispo: Hosted my own television show on the Cartoon Network because I called them up one day and told them I was desperately obsessed with cartoons. I was eight and had nothing to lose.

Paper Diamond: I think it was selling Pogs on the playground to other kids in elementary school. You remember Pogs right?

What DJ do you want to hug?

Flosstradamus: Deadmau5. Dude seems so angry. He needs some love.

Theo: Bassnectar. Seems like he needs one.

Stay tuned to the next edition of Elektro's Top 10 "Quickie with a DJ Answers," to hear their crazy sex stories, wishes for superhero powers and more!