Destructo is known for producing driving electro-house, and his dark electro track “Higher” has a heart-pounding beat that builds toward an intensely satisfying drop. The video, directed by Agata Alexander, plays on the fascination we feel for Destructo’s pulse-quickening production. What is so striking about the music video is how it manages to capture the turbulent emotions of the song, and turns it into a completely immersive experience.

The video for “Higher” is sexy and dream-like as it follows the protagonist on her addictive trip. We find ourselves able to relate to the heroine’s drug addiction through the sonically addictive qualities of the track. The cross cuts between shrinking pupils and a pounding heart allude to the intense fixation the viewer has watching the protagonist’s story unfold onscreen.

Written by: Camille Cushman

Photo credit: Lionel Deluy

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