Live City have been tearing up the dance floor with killer remixes of artists from the EDM, pop and indie rock worlds, but they also know how to create their own monster jams, as evidenced by their new two-track EP “Bambada” (Liftoff Recordings). The New York City duo show with this EP that not only do they know how to keep the dance floor moving, but also how to introduce new sounds that will excite the audience.

The title track is full of massive kicks, raging synth lines and massive drops. It is a straight up electro house banger that will be a club staple for years to come. The second track, “Chakra”, is no less infectious, with string arrangements and marimbas intermingling with the pulsating bassline to create one of the most original electro tracks to come out this year. The symphonic breakdown that leads into the drop is nothing short of amazing.

Live City are one of the hottest up and coming acts in the EDM scene, and with their EP “Bambada”, they are ready to take the next step to superstardom.