Who wants to go to TWO shows on the 2012 IDentity Festival?  That was a rhetorical question.

Enter for your chance to win the opportunity to live like a ROCKSTAR for a Day...and Night as Rockstar Energy Drink wants to send you and a buddy  to the 8.17 show in San Francisco, CA and the 8.18 show in San Diego.

If you win, you'll get the full VIP treatment from standing on stage, eating in artist catering and keeping the party going after the show with all of your favorite Identity DJs.  Think that's all?? Not even close. Once the night is over, Rockstar's got you covered; They'll give you and your friend each a bunk on a festival tour bus and you'll get to ride overnight to the next gig, just like a real member of the Identity crew. You'll wake up and do it all over again. Then they'll fly you home at the beautiful price of $0.00!

And all you have to do is ENTER HERE.