Last September, Club Glow and Panorama Production brought Washington D.C. it’s newest concert venue, one that was ranked 38 by DJ Mag top 100 clubs poll, in fact. The warehouse like venue has been the home of beats from the bass heavy Excision and Nero, to headliners like Tiesto, Steve Angello, and Calvin Harris, and has often hosted the DC Trance Family for heavy hitters Armin Van Buuren and Ferry Corsten and Markus Schulz who have played solo, but also showcased a 7 hour back to back set! Saturday night, the venue had the honor to host trance’s Dash Berlin for his Washington D.C. debut. Echostage is making a name for itself in the area, and the crowd last night had every indication that the venue is known, and no matter what the name people will be there!

Around 12:45, before Dash came on, the warehouse was packed to the back with people ready to start the night. The railings above the crowd in the encompassing VIP section had bodies hanging over them waiting to catch a first glimpse of the man himself. The excitement was tact, palpable almost as Glow resident DJ filled the room with a great techno set, warming the crowd for the madness that was going to ensue.

Promptly at 1, the music stopped, the lights dim, and an explosion of roars filled Echostage. Everyone was immediately blown away by his energy that struck the stage. From the first striking of sounds to the ear to of One Republic’s “If I Lose Myself,” Dash had the crowd hooked, and his performance had everyones eyes glued. At one point he was running around the stage like someone was chasing him! From the right side of the booth, to the left, all the way up front even while the music was going! He was autographing signs, throwing out T-shirts, and at one point during “Not Giving Up On Love” (Dash Berlin 4 AM mix, of course) he took a heart shaped sign from the crowd and held it over his head for all of Echostage to see. If there was one thing to mention about last night, the sign game was on point! There was even a 5 foot sign that read “Dash for President” that had lights around the border! If Dash’s energy was excellent, the crowd’s was impeccable and ate every second of it up.

Echostage added some new features to their lighting and stage show that made the performance more enjoyable. Two lasers on each side of the stage (thought they have made appearances before) shot crisp beams of light all the way to the back of the VIP section in the top. They also added a booth camera, which no one had ever before, which projected Dash’s concentration, mixing, and fun onto the big screens behind him, and would even turn around and project the crowd going wild for him. These additions are a nice touch to any production.

Surprising to think that during all of this he was actually playing music! While he started it off with some songs like his “Apollo” 4 Am mix , “Language in your Heart,” and “Waiting” W&W Remix, the night really caught hold when he dropped a version of Ummet Ozcan’s “The Box” vs. Cosmic Gate classic “Firewire.” Throughout the night he mixed in some other classic Dashups like “DJ Ease my Apollo Road,” and his rework of “The Funeral,” and “Better of Alone,” which many may not know he had a hand in producing with Alice Deejay. The highest point of the night was when he played the first twinge of the “Lethal Industry” bass line come in and eagerly awaited the lyrics from Pedulum’s “The Island” to take control of the whole crowd.

Dash’s DC debut was a glaring success. From his energy, to the excitement and enthusiasm of the crowd around him, and the magic feeling Echostage gives its concert-goers. If you ever have the opportunity to make your way to the Nation’s Capital for a show at Echostage, don’t hesistate!

Written by: Brad Bobrow

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