This is Halloween, Halloween, HALLOWEEN!


If living in the city wasn’t great enough, just look at the lineup of all the shows hitting the Big Apple this week alone. Thankfully, we were graced with the perfect timing of Pretty Lights, who brought his 'Analog Future Tour' with a live band straight to the heart of NYC. Also, this is the only time out of the year that we’re able to dress up as whatever we want and not get those weird looks on the subway.

The Roseland Ballroom is going out with a bang.


News broke out a few weeks ago that one of our favorite venues in NYC would be closing its doors for good in April of 2014. Even though the Roseland Ballroom has a closing date to it, no expense is being spared for booking some of the most amazing acts around!

Not many people go out on Wednesday nights, but if you hear Pretty Lights is performing, you make sure that you’re there!


Although Pretty Lights’ performance was on a Wednesday night, there was no shortage of people waiting in line to get into the venue and people around the venue attempting to purchase last minute tickets. After talking to several groups of people, the majority of groups had come straight from work. Now that’s the dedication we like to see!

Live band performances are the best performances!


If you haven’t heard yet (or you’ve been living under a rock), Pretty Lights' latest tour features a live band performance alongside Derek’s music. Having seen Pretty Lights this past March at UMF, I can say whole-heartedly that his performance, alongside the live band, at the Roseland Ballroom took dance music performances to the next level. Live instruments have been making a waves through festivals and shows around the states, so make sure you get out to catch one of them! Joining Smith on the Fall tour are drummer extraordinaire, Adam Deitch (Break Science), keyboardist Brian Coogan (New Orleans All-Star), keyboardist Borahm Lee (Break Science), Scott Flynn (John Brown's Body) on trombone, and Eric Bloom (Lettuce) on trumpet.

Greg Ellis takes you on a journey down the rabbit hole.


The Lazer Shark is known for being the man behind the lighting production of Pretty Lights’ shows. First debuted during their hometown show at the Red Rocks Amphitheater this past August, the latest lighting design is one for the books. It is almost indescribable because you have to experience it in order to understand, the lighting production for the Analog Future Tour is out of this world.

Derek Vincent Smith aka Pretty Lights is an overall great guy!


Waiting for Pretty Lights to start, I got to talking to the couple sitting beside me. They told me that Derek had gone into the store that he worked at, Hat Club Soho, and bought around 20 hats. As Derek was trying on hats, they got to talking about his show later that night, and Derek personally invited them to come along and see what he was all about. Little did this couple know that Derek, aka Pretty Lights, is kind of a big deal. They knew nothing about him, except that he liked hats and was some sort of "DJ." Once Pretty Lights took the stage they could not help but contain their excitement. Glad to know Derek is here to spread, dare I say it, PLUR.

Check out a clip of the show below!

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