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It's no secret that the dance music scene has been on the hot seat. With all of the negative attention surrounding the EDM community, due to sporadic drug-related deaths throughout the country at dance music events, electronic music has been scrutinized for the drugs present at its events. However, artists like Afrojack, Sebastian Ingrosso, Flosstradamus, and Nick Catchdubs, in a video from MTV, have come out to speak against the negative stereotypes surrounding the dance music scene.

Flosstradamus points out that the problem does not lie within dance music, as they state, ""If you go to a Sox game, people get wasted and bust their heads open and die. And if you go to a frat house, a college, a university people are getting alcohol poisoning and dying, because they gotta pledge."

Afrojack reinforces the positive side of dance music, stating, ""There is so much beauty coming out of it. There is so much life blooming here. I think that of course it's important to focus on the negative side because you want to fix things, but it's really important not to forget the positive side, the blooming life out of it."

Check out what all of the artists had to say above, and check out the full MTV article here.