Fool's Gold has teamed up with Converse's "Rubber Tracks" for a brand new video that follows Fool's Gold artists as they travel Brooklyn in search of sound samples. Starting in the neighborhood of Williamsburg, Flosstradamus and Party Supplies hit local hardware store, Crest Hardware, recording the sounds of trash can lids, gravel, chain links, and even the snorting of the store's pig, Franklin. Party Supplies and Donnis hit Bushwick to grab sound effects of wheels turning, air pumps, and bike bells at the Post Bike shop. Finally, Nick Catchdubs and Benny J meet in Greenpoint at the Meat Hook where they record the sounds of the meat slicer and the crackling of paper as the meat is wrapped up. Now, you can make your own track using the Brooklyn sound effects at Indaba Music's site,
where they are holding a contest for the best production made using the Brooklyn sample pack. Follow the link to the site for official rules and details.

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