For better or worse, there has been an influx of potential reality series based on electronic music. The latest is “She Can DJ – America,” a partnership between CBS Radio and Astralwerks, which is looking to find the country’s top female electronic music talent. Compared to other endeavors, this one does have some legitimacy due to the presence of Astralwerks, a record label which distributes mainly electronic music (acts have included the Chemical Brothers, Eric Prydz, Guetta, Hot Chip, and Basement Jaxx among others). CBS Radio stations will run a series of local competitions in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, Houston, Boston, Detroit, Phoenix, San Diego, Charlotte, Las Vegas, and one additional market. The 12 semi-finalists will vie for a recording contract with Astralwerks and a headline tour. Check out the official site for "She Can DJ" here.

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