First Venue You Performed At?

Project 46: In Ontario, the basement of Tabu Nightclub – we played for gas and a bottle of vodka. We might have even had to buy the bottle honestly. We had this big emulator – they actually booked us solely for the emulator. First international show was in Hong Kong, as soon as the DJ mag list was posted we started getting international bookings.

First Favorite Record?

Thomas: "Fat Lip" by Sum 41.

Ryan: Bryan Adams' "Waking Up the Neighbors"

First Album Bought?

Thomas: Green Day

Ryan: The Presidents of the United States of America, bought it at a garage sale for like $2 and played it all summer long.

First Record as Project 46?

Project 46: A bootleg of ‘Save the World’

First Car?

Thomas: Don’t own a car

Ryan: I worked for a cellular company, they had a utility van that I bought off my boss. Was this dirty old van that I drove around for the year.

First Major Recording Artists or Label to Reach Out?

Monstercat Records – Also our first EP. Flo-Rida’s team immiedietly reached out. There was almost a Project 46-Flo Rida Collab. Not really a colab they just wanted to rip the track but it didn’t end up happening.

First time hearing your own record?

Project 46: Last Chance is getting really big on traditional radio. In Toronto there is this radio station z103 it’s on heavy roation there. It’s cool cause you get messages from family and friends. (Ryan) First time I was at a Morgan Paige party and he ended up playing something of ours – that was pretty cool.

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