PANTyRAiD has been raiding your girlfriend’s closet for quite some time now. And just of recently, they have been blowing up bigger than ever. The dynamic duo of Josh Mayer, Ooah/Glitch Mob, and Martin Folb, Martyparty, started by dominating the festival scene and now they are headlining major venues. This past weekend, PANTyRAiD did it BIG here in Denver, CO with a big venue, a big lineup, a big fan base, and a big dance team! PANTyRAiD destroyed the Fillmore on March 2nd with the help of super skilled supporting artist Cherub, LowRiderz, Vinnie Maniscalo, and the accompaniment of the Team EZ dancers. All of this awesomeness combined has equaled out to be a really fun show with a statement of “you just had to be there” if you weren’t.

If by chance you missed this show, don’t worry. We got it all covered and have some words from the men themselves.


First things first: What was it like to return to the Fillmore?

Amazing! It is one of our favorite indoor venues in Colorado and we love doing our big production shows there. The room was packed and the show went off perfectly... a complete success and the sexiest raid we ever been a part of. :)

I heard all about the hype around the Team EZ dancers being there. How did you think they did?

We love Easy - she is a pro. Her teams are always well trained, classy, and totally understand our style and what the fans love. We gave them all kinds of timed cues for production and they pulled them all off in time and in the flow of the show. We could not be happier with their performance. Big love EZ! :)

What were your favorite memories from last nights show?

Wow, there were so many epic moments. I loved the moment the dice went into the audience. The first 50 rows were totally insane. It was the hottest mosh pit scene I've witnessed. We also loved dancing in the front of stage and meeting the fans after the show to sign all kinds of things. Colorado is where we began and these are some of our closest fans. We gave them a show they responded, and we will love them forever and continue to push the envelope of what sexy dance music can be like. PANTyRAiD = Sexy EDM. This show demonstrated how we do it.

You guys have been around for a while. How did you guys find each other and how long have you been making music together exactly?

Around 2007 Marty invited Josh down to his land in Costa Rica to play music on the beach for a small private party with a bunch of friends. From there we started our friendship and similar love for sexy bass music and decide to start our collab writing our version of club hip hop and dance music.

The whole concept of “PANTyRAiD” makes me smile because I’m not quite sure what it is. It seems like PANTyRAiD is a cross between loving big booty females and hyper consciousness, in whatever form that may be, at the same time. How do you guys describe the whole idea of PANTyRAiD?

The idea to us is bringing a club / hip hop vibe to music and dance floors while trying to keep everyone feeling sexy. It's kind of like imagining your favorite house party and the closeness and intimacy of that kind of party but bringing that to a big stage or festival setting. In the music we write we always try to keep the same feeling no matter what style or genre it is, slow to fast, heavy or chill, keeping the ideas around what feels sexy and will attract the girls. Because we all know that if the girls are moving and dancing, then the guys are too and that's a good party.

For the new listeners, can you please describe your actual sound and influences?

Sexy club hip hop with influences from all types of EDM that can be enjoyed everywhere from the dance floor to the bedroom.

Where does this extreme “attention to detail” inspiration come from? Does it come from outside ideologies or just from feelings, or even both!? Please explain.

To us it's just our way of caring about each song and not getting lazy while writing. Each song has a story to it or at least has some sort of feeling its trying to express and the "attention to details" helps each song clearly say what it's trying to say

It seems like this project is working out really well for both of you. How do you guys find time to produce music together when you both are so busy?

Hard to say, we just make the time because we have to... and our fans are waiting. Haha

What do you all think about the EDM incline in the past couple years? Do you think it has helped with your success with PANTyRAiD? Are you stoked about EDM going mainstream or not so much?

EDM is just another way a saying what has been happening for many years, we embrace the movement and the huge incline of multi / omni genre shows and sounds and producers. I wouldn't say it has helped with our success but it definitely hasn't hurt either. The way EDM is flooding the world right now is an amazing thing for artists like us that don't fit into one specific genre, tempo, style. It opens the doors for us to play to and reach so many different kind of music fans.

There has been a lot of PANTyRAiD success here in Colorado—why do you think that is?

Cuz CO is a mekka of music lovers!

What is to come next for you all—is there a new album or EP in the making? When can we expect it?

We are just finished with a new record that will be out this year at some point. Plus tons of new remixes and singles that will be heard at all of our shows coming up.

Are there any producers you would like to collaborate with in the future? Why?

We are open to it but no one has really come along that we are completely excited about, we work really well together as the two of us so we tend to not want to add too many cooks to the kitchen. I'm sure there will be someone at some point though.

Lastly, is there anything you want to say to your fans?


Thanks for the interview guys. We’re really excited for you and wish you the best!

For more information on Pantyraid visit: www.pantyraidmusic.com