As a Bruno Mars fan, I was quite pleased with the sound of his recent Unorthodox Jukebox album. As an even bigger fan of electronic music, I was thrilled when I found out his reggae-nuanced ballad, “Locked Out of Heaven,” was getting the do-up by some of my favorite producers. Big Beat records has brought us a compilation of remixes from the likes of Cazzette, The M Machine, Sultan & Ned Shepard, and (are you ready?) Paul Oakenfold. Taking the global #1 hit from the radio and the gym to the dance floor, each re-work takes the track to a different place. Cazzette’s delivers all of that signature festival-style energy with grand buildups and dizzying drops, while Sultan & Ned Shepard take a more progressive and melodic approach. For something a bit softer and more down-tempo, go for The M Machine’s down-tempo take, and lastly Paul Oakenfold delivers a massive dose of power with his borderline electro big-room number.

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