locked out of heaven

Cross-Switch: Bruno Mars “Locked Out of Heaven” R3hab Afterhour Remix
This remix is a perfect example of how an already catchy song can be tweaked, revved-up and then completely annihilate through a fresh electronic chainsaw of a chorus. R3hab is that DJ/producer that goes all out on his remixes, making big-bass, torpedo-banging anthems, which are sometimes so intense that an extra breath is needed to digest it all — this 'Afterhour' remix is no exception... Read
Cross-Switch:Bruno Mars “Locked Out Of Heaven” Major Lazer Remix
Pop’s ladies man and smooth-singing charmer, Bruno Mars, wooed fans with his laid-back reggae-revival track, “Locked Out Of Heaven.” But for those of you EDM fans who were left wanting something a bit more bouncy with a little more beat, Major Lazer has brought us a remix of the track that bumps up the groove...