PRMD's Cazzette and iSHi have brought us a remix of "Push It" that took the initial single's dark energy and turned it up and out.  Cazzette's flair for deep basses and iSHi's hip-hop stylings clash in a trapped out main-room deep banger.  The re-imagination of iSHi's debut single received a proper premiere during Cazzette's main stage slot at this year's Ultra Music Festival.  The original "Push It" has been streamed over 6 million times at the time of this article and is sure to amass millions more.  This deep and dark remix serves as an appetizer for works to come from both parties.  Cazzette are paving the road for their next single "Together" from their upcoming ICONS Music EP. iSHi is priming us for his dual mixtape/short-film Spring Pieces, which anticipate a star-studded debut album before the end of 2015.  The two acts have tons in the pipeline and we're excited to see and hear all of it.  Stream the remix on Spotify come April 24.

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