The PRMD boys are back with a banger. Cazzette's latest ICONS music single "Together" featuring Newtimers has a hook that'll be reverberating through grassy festival fields well into fall's bus tour season. You can almost hear the crowds echoing its lyrics already, "if I'm gonna stay here for the night, would you let me stay here for the morning?"

The top line sounds like MNEK and Travi$ Scott's lovechild. Self aware autotune and down-pitched melisma make for a tune that bears repeating. Once the piano comes in during the build, I can't help but feel a tinge of disappointment when it's absent from the drop. I was expecting the piano, vocal hook and bassline to all come in together and give the world a musical climax that can confidently compete against Blonde's "I Loved You." Maybe we'll hear that in a later edit.

Spotify fans have voted with their plays and showed serious love for Alex and Seb. They're last release "Blind Heart" was streamed over 30 million times, which to put into perspective, is more than the population of Belgium and Greece put together and the equivalent of 33 Coachella crowds. The track also topped Billboard's dance chart and paved the way for Together, which is the lead single off Cazzette's upcoming five-track EP. The unreleased work has more future house and even a touch of flamenco to win over Latin America's loyalty. Listen to "Together" below and add it to your Spotify playlist!

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